Eric Flint's 1632 & Beyond: Alternate History Stories

Eric Flint's 1632 & Beyond Issue #1

It’s great to be back! After a one-year hiatus, Eric Flint’s 1632 Universe has a new short-fiction venue (aka magazine). We are delighted to share the return of long-term contributors, relatively new writers and even an old friend from the early days.

Our cover story by Jody Lynn Nye is from the upcoming Baen novel she and Eric Flint collaborated on. It is set immediately before the daring Tower escape. S.M. Stirling and Virginia DeMarce tell the story of an herbal peddler pondering post-RoF changes. Vance Garrett continues the tale of Japanese expatriates trying to escape southeast Asia. Chuck Thompson lets an old farmer make a difference one last time.

Leaving 1632verse fiction, Iver Cooper’s Alexandria Inheritance story is about caving, gunpowder, and matching the right person to the job . Finally, George Grant based his non-fiction on available farm equipment on his visit to Mannington, WV.

If you enjoy the 1632verse, you’ll also love the most recent 1632 release from Baen, The Sovereign States by Eric Flint, Gorg Huff, and Paula Goodlett. Buy now to find out what happens next in the 1632verse!

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