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FantaSci 2024

1632 and Cons

There are lots of us active in the 1632verse and we love when we can go to Cons! We love it even more when we can have a 1632Con and spend entire days doing nothing but talking 1632.

Some of our friends and family (and especially spouses and kids) can be amazed by how long we can spend talking 1632, but we are passionate about it.

We are thrilled to announce that we are having the first 1632Con since 2021 in less than three months as part of FantaSci in Raleigh-Durham, NC! We hope you are as excited about this as we are! As of late January, the hotel block still has rooms and there are still tickets available. Please join us! We would love to meet you in person.

FantaSci 2024
FantaSci 2024

Eric Flint was scheduled to attend two cons in the winter of 2022, one of which was FantaSci, but he became too ill and didn’t make either one. How perfect, then that the first 1632Con after his passing is at FantaSci 2024!

Attending 1632verse writers:

We are all super excited to announce that Gorg Huff is a Special Guest! He writes with Paula Goodlett both in 1632 (The Barbie Consortium and the series set in Russia) and in Assiti Shards (The Alexander Inheritance and An Angel Called Peterbilt), with the Assiti books having Eric as a co-author. For those who have been impatient to hear more of what happens up-tim after Grantville disappears, this book will finally answer some of your questions. It may leave new ones, but such is the fate of a fiction reader!

The other Special Guest, Kevin Ikenberry, is also an Assiti Shards writer! His story The Crossing about some ROTC cadets who find themselves face to face with George Washington is a must-read for anyone who enjoys Eric’s Assitis Shards alternate history universe.

If that isn’t enough of a tie-in with Eric Flint for you, the 2024 Guest of Honor, Kevin Anderson, and Eric were two of the founders of the Superstars Writing conference. Their mission statement is: “To educate and assist writers and other related professionals on the business and processes of writing, editing, publicizing, and publishing in traditional and independent environments, and to provide contacts and resources in multiple disciplines related to publishing.”

Other writers in attendance include:

  • Bethanne Kim
  • Bjorn Hasseler
  • Chuck Thompson
  • Jack Carroll
  • Virginia DeMarce

1632-Related panels include:

  • Diving In and Going Deep: 1632 Book Club
  • State of the ‘Verse/1637 World Tour
  • Jumping Forward and Sliding Back: Technological Progress in 1632
  • Clothing, Fashion, & Cosplay in Alternate History
  • Reading: Tell the 1632 Editors What YOU Want!
  • Writing: What the 1632 Editors Want
  • Assiti Shards: Connecting Cadets, a Big Rig, and a Cruise Ship
  • Military Advances in 1632: Not Just Hitting Replay
  • Snerking the Plots: Spoilers Ahead!

Recorded Cons and Interviews from Past Years

Eric Flint went to many Cons. Fortunately, some of them were recorded and uploaded to YouTube. Most of these are linked from older YouTube Channels.

Superstars Writing Seminar

In 2021, Ring of Fire Press did a virtual Con on Zoom because of COVID. It’s been split into three playlists on Amazon.

RoFCon 2021: Part 1 including Weird Tech and the Closing Ceremonies.

RoFCon2021: Part 2 specific writers including Jody Lynn Nye, Jonathan Maberry, S.M. Stirling, and many more.

RoFCon2021: Part 3 with lots of information specific to the 1632verse.

2011 1632 MiniCon: The 2011 1632 Minicon was held as part of Dragoncon, Sept. 2-5, 2011, in Atlanta, Georgia as part of the Alternate History track. Here are videos for all the panels, except Snerkers.
NOTE: In 2011, YouTube videos were much more limited as to length and so hour long sessions were broken into parts.

Remembering Eric: Miscellaneous interviews with Eric and In Memorium posts.

Baen also has a series called their Baen Free Radio Hour and there is a series of these focused on the 1632verse.

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