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1632 & Beyond

Issue 1 (Introduction and Table of Contents): September 2023

Issue 2 (Introduction and Table of Contents): November 2023

The Grantville Gazette

This area will build up twelve back volumes of the Grantville Gazette available for our members to read and comment online. Starting in 2024, the oldest volume will be taken down every month and a new volume will be put up in it’s place so there is always something fresh to read! When volume 90 goes down, volume 1 will go up because there is no volume 103.

Additionally, we will put all the parts of some longer multi-part stories here. There are some we can’t do that with because one or more parts have only been published by Baen so we have no publishing rights to them.

Volume 90

Volume 91

Volume 92

Volume 93

Volume 94

Volume 95

Volume 96

Volume 97

Volume 98

Volume 99

Volume 100


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  2. I thought I paid for the subscription, I got an email saying I could download the 1st issue and it comes up with a price. I can’t figure out whether it’s me or the system

    1. I have regenerated the download permissions for your order and it should be available now under “My Downloads” or “My Account” and then “Downloads”. I am most sorry for the inconvienence. If that doesn’t work, I can continue to try to fix it. If you have changed your mind and do not want us to try to fix it then yes, we can give you a refund.

  3. I sorry to ask, but is 1632 the book series discontinued? Meaning no more new books? With 1638 Russia being the last book?

  4. when attempting to access 1632 prodcucts I either get a download I can’t open or a screen asking for payment (I already paid for the subscription). notify me by email please.

  5. Once I realized that the editions could be purchased on Amazon, I chose to do so – easier to download. I then canceled my annual subscription. What is the turnaround for my refund? Thank you.

    1. I understand, and I approved the cancellation a few days ago and your refund should post soon, if it hasn’t already. I am sending you an email and you can reply to that if you have any questions or concerns.

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