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This is where you will find the online extras available to all our subscribers. Most of this is not downloadable content, although we do have plans to add some downloadable and searchable pdfs of older (out of copyright) books we think may interest you, our subscribers.

1632 & Beyond

The links are to the Introduction and Table of Contents, which allows you to select individual stories or use the Next / Previous links to go through the entire issue, one story at a time in the order they appear in the issue.

Issue 1 (Introduction and Table of Contents): September 2023

Issue 2 (Introduction and Table of Contents): November 2023

Issue 3 (Introduction and Table of Contents): January 2024

Issue 4 (Introduction and Table of Contents): March 2024

Issue 5 (Introduction and Table of Contents): May 2024

The Grantville Gazette

This area contains twelve back volumes of the Grantville Gazette available for our subscribers to read and comment online. Starting in February 2024, the oldest volume is being taken down every month and a new volume put up in it’s place so there is always something fresh to read! When volume 90 went down, volume 1 went up because there is no volume 103. Volume 2 will replace volume 91, and so on.

Additionally, we will put all the parts of some longer multi-part stories here. There are some we can’t do that with because one or more parts have only been published by Baen so we have no publishing rights to them.

Volume 96

Volume 97

Volume 98

Volume 99

Volume 100

Volume 101

Volume 102

Volume 001

Volume 002

Volume 003

Volume 004

Volume 005


  1. There seems to be an error on the “My Account” page – details are compressed. I need to change a detail in the billing address and can’t access the item.

  2. I thought I paid for the subscription, I got an email saying I could download the 1st issue and it comes up with a price. I can’t figure out whether it’s me or the system

    1. I have regenerated the download permissions for your order and it should be available now under “My Downloads” or “My Account” and then “Downloads”. I am most sorry for the inconvienence. If that doesn’t work, I can continue to try to fix it. If you have changed your mind and do not want us to try to fix it then yes, we can give you a refund.

  3. I sorry to ask, but is 1632 the book series discontinued? Meaning no more new books? With 1638 Russia being the last book?

    1. Absolutely not! Baen is still publishing novels and, obviously, this magazine. There is a new NESS novel being released in April, after the first three (formerly Ring of Fire Press) novels are released in early January, February and March.

  4. when attempting to access 1632 prodcucts I either get a download I can’t open or a screen asking for payment (I already paid for the subscription). notify me by email please.

        1. Under My Account and Content. If it isn’t showing up there, please let me know and I will reset the permissions. I can also email it to you while I look into the problem more.

  5. Once I realized that the editions could be purchased on Amazon, I chose to do so – easier to download. I then canceled my annual subscription. What is the turnaround for my refund? Thank you.

    1. I understand, and I approved the cancellation a few days ago and your refund should post soon, if it hasn’t already. I am sending you an email and you can reply to that if you have any questions or concerns.

  6. I subscribed to the magazine assuming my subscription would begin with issue #3, and so I also ordered the first two issues separately, but as I look at my downloads page, it looks as it the subscription already includes issues #’s 1 and 2, so I may have paid for them twice. Please clarify what issues are included in my subscription, and if I am due a refund for the individual issues or not.

  7. I had a subscription for the old site, have not been there for a while. I can not access the new site. It does not recognize my login, nor will retrieve/reset my password

    1. Thanks for your continuing interest! This is an entirely new site and company. Unfortunately, there is no way to access any old Grantville Gazette subscriptions. You will need to create a new login for this site. We are glad to have you back!

  8. I’d really appreciate it if someone could let Herb Sakalaucks know that I’m anxiously awaiting more stories about Denmark in the New World. Great stuff!

  9. Hello,
    I have a tech support question. I was happy to see that the 1632 world would continue. I subscribed and have received the first 3 issues and enjoyed them very much. They were sent in two formats: rtf and another which doesn’t indicate an extension.

    However I did not receive an .rtf version of issue #4 which I am looking forward to reading. I did receive the version in the other unknown format. Although I was able to download it I was unable to open it. I am asked which of 3 options I want to use to open it: Word, Notepad or Windows Media Player. None of these will open this file.

    Can you please either send issue #4 (and all subsequent issues) in rtf format or provide instructions as to what application I can use to open the file.


    1. Hi there! There was a problem with the .rtf file for Issue 4 and it has been replaced. You should be able to download it without problem now. The other version we upload is an ePub, which works with Kindle and other ereaders.

  10. I bought most of the Grantville GGazettes (through v. 94) and I want to get the rest. But my eyesight is failing and I must listen to books these days. If I buy something from you, how do I listen to it? I bought the first 1632 & Beyond from Kindle as I do have a Kindle reader.
    And am I missing the tab for ‘contact us’?

    1. You seem to have found it, but Contact Us is under the home page tab.

      We don’t currently have audio versions available but will update our readers when/if that changes.

      I am replying to your email as well.

    1. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry! Thank you for pointing this out. This page should be fully updated now, including volume 5 of the Grantville Gazette, just published today.

      Again – thanks for reminding me to update this!!

  11. While the link to Volume 1 is posted, it seems to redirect back to the page listing all the available issues. I was able to access it previously and in the middle of reading it when this coding change happened. Was this an error or is Volume 1 no longer available?

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