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1632 & Beyond Issue #003


The Magdeburg Messenger

(1632 Fiction)

This issue’s cover story is “Cassini Rounds Third.”  Robert E. Waters continues the saga of Giovanni Cassini.  Up-time, he was a famous astronomer.  Down-time, he’s a kid who wants to play ball.  He might get to stay in Grantville, but is it really for the love of the game?

Next is Bethanne Kim’s “A Fitting Tribute.”  The Ugolinis make memorial stones and other markers.  That’s not something the average down-timer is used to.  Is there a way to save the family business?

Marc Tyrrell concludes “A Meeting at Midsummer” with Part 2.  Paul, Gagnrad, Helmut, Captain von Thieren, and the Inquisitor Father Salazar are all on different missions.  As most of their paths cross near Klettbach, which of them will succeed?

An evening at a very good restaurant leads to “A Disturbance at the Nishioka House.”  Garrett W. Vance’s tale takes place immediately after “Ill-Met in the Marshes” from Issue 1.  Plus, there’s a cat.

The State Library Papers

(1632 Non-Fiction)

Iver P. Cooper’s article “Something Old, Something New” is about construction materials and their availability (or lack thereof) in the new timeline.


Issue #3 of Eric Flint’s 1632 & Beyond, available 1 January 2024.

Eric Flint’s 1632 & Beyond Issue #3

1632 & Beyond Issue #003

Table of Contents

Key Storylines Points/Characters


The Magdeburg Messenger (1632 fiction)

1. Cassini Rounds Third by Robert E. Waters

2. A Fitting Tribute by Bethanne Kim

3. A Meeting at Midsummer: Part 2 by Marc Tyrrell

4. A Disturbance at the Nishioka House by Garrett W. Vance

The State Library Papers (1632 non-fiction)

Something Old, Something New by Iver Cooper


New 1632 Books

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A Matter of Security by Bjorn Hasseler

An Angel Called Peterbilt

Part 1 of “A Disturbance at the Nishioka House” is in Issue 1 of Eric Flint’s 1632 & Beyond.

Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the Cassini Plays Ball story are in Grantville Gazette Issues 93, 96, and 101.

Once you add this to your cart, you should see those four issues as suggested purchases, for anyone who doesn’t already have them and is interested.

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