Eric Flint's 1632 & Beyond: Alternate History Stories


Grantville Gazette #17 Contents:

“Y’all Come See Us” by Paula Goodlett

“The Anaconda Project Episode Five” by Eric Flint

“The Anaconda Project Episode Six” by Eric Flint

“Bunny B Goode” by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett

“Silver Age” by Virginia DeMarce

“Feng Shui for the Soul” by Kerryn Offord

“Ghosts on the Glass” by Tim Roesch

“Golden Corn: A Tale of Old Joe on the Mountain Top” by Terry Howard

“Lost In Translation” by Iver P. Cooper

“Comedy of Error” by Mark H. Huston

“Homage to Etruria Part One: The Patrons Plight” by Jay Robison

“Sonata Part Three” by David Carrico


“The Steam Car” by Kevin H. Evans

“Safety First: Industrial Safety in 1632 Part One, Legal and Social Aspects” by Iver P. Cooper

“The Importance of Having a Pig: Food and Preservation in 1632” by Anette Pedersen

“Scraps of Fashion” by Lisa Satterlund

“The World Turned Upside Down” by John R. Johnson

From the Editor:

Oh, oh, oh!  What’s going on in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the year of Our Lord 1634   Gotta be some excitement there, don’t you think   Well, read all about it in episodes five and six of Eric Flint’s “The Anaconda Project.” Grantville Gazette Volume 17 has both!

And Spain   What’s going on in Spain Hm . . . well, at the moment there appears to be something of an invasion . . . of rabbits Eeek!

The authors cover it all, from the importance of having a pig to the importance of just the right dress, from what’s up in Rome to what happened to one family all the way back to that dratted flash of light.  Steam cars   Why not   Protecting industrial workers   Well, you’d better.  A somewhat different form of photography hitting it big   It could happen.  And mimes!  Oh, no, not the mimes!

On the other hand, we’re not sure the mimes aren’t better than the lava lamps . . .

Such a conundrum, that one.

Ghosts on glass, corn in Spain, miscommunication everywhere! You want it We’ve got it. Jump on in!

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