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Grantville Gazette #24 Contents:

“Power Play” by Douglas W Jones

“A Job Well Done” by Kerryn Offord

“Venus and Mercury” by Kirt Lee

“The Dewey System” by Iver P Cooper

“The Duchess is a Leatherneck” by Jose J Clavell

“Turn Your Radio On Episode Six” by Wood Hughes


“Industrial Alchemy Part 1: The New Philosophers Stone” by Iver P Cooper

“Finding Your Way in Another Plane” by Kevin H Evans

From the Editor:

Oh my, oh, my.  What’s up in the wonderful world of Grantville these days?

Sabotage at the power plant!  Noooooo!  We need that power plant.  Read what happened in Doug Jones’ “Power Play.”  Mail order bride?  Yep.  We’ve got those, sort of.  Check out Kerryn Offord’s “A Job Well Done.”

Secret societies?  We can do that.  Read Kirt Lee’s “Venus and Mercury” for a taste.  And it’s really not a good idea to tick off a librarian type, indeed it isn’t.  See what happens in Iver P. Cooper’s “The Dewey System.”

Not every indolent noble is all that happy with being indolent.  Or even noble.  Check out Jose J. Clavell’s “The Duchess is a Leatherneck” for one example.

And the finale of Wood Hughes’ serial “Turn Your Radio On, Episode Six” is right here in Grantville Gazette Volume 24.  You can’t miss it!

Industrial Alchemy?  Read what that is.  As well as how to find your way in another plane.  Iver P. Cooper and Kevin H. Evans provide our nonfiction for this volume.

All here, all now!  Grantville Gazette Volume 24.

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