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Grantville Gazette #26 Contents:

“Advice and Counsel” by Virginia DeMarce

“Still Life with Wolves and Canvases” by Bradley H Sinor and Tracy S Morris

“Tortured Souls” by Thomas Richardson

“The Vice President’s Plane is Down” by Kerryn Offord

“Another Man’s Treasure” by Terry Howard

“Which Way is Up” by John F Harvell

“Ya’ Gets Yer Money and Ya’ Gets Yer Choice” by Virginia DeMarce

“Prelude” by David Carrico


“Time to Plan the Next Con” by Grantville Gazette Staff

“A Night with Venus STIs and Their Treatment in the 1630s, Part One” by Gus Kritikos

“The Ox is Slow but the Earth is Patient: A Very Basic Guide to the Use of Oxen” by Karen Bergstralh

“Industrial Alchemy, Part 3: Organic Chemistry Methods and Canonical Appearances” by Iver P Cooper

From the Editor:

Well, those Shakespeare grandsons are at it again. And just who are they after? Doc Abrabanel, of all people. Of course, to their way of thinking, they’ve got every right. Check that out in “Ya’ Gets Yer Money and Ya’ Gets Yer Choice” by Virginia DeMarce, along with her other offering “Advice and Counsel.” Trust me, you do not want to be a marriage counselor in the seventeenth century. You really don’t.

The Inquisitor makes the news again, in Bradley H. Sinor and Tracy S. Morris’ “Still Life with Wolves and Canvases.” Yes, werewolves. You were expecting vampires?

Thomas Richardson offers “Tortured Souls,” a story about a girl who came to a truly bad end. Kerryn Offord gives us “The Vice President’s Plane is Down,” an adventure for all. “Another Man’s Treasure” is from Terry Howard; a story about some youngsters who really want to do something.

“Which Way is Up?” Pretty important question, that. See what John F. Harvell has to say about it. And David Carrico comes back to the magazine with “Prelude,” which is about the Bach family. Yes, those Bachs.

Nonfiction this issue is very interesting: “A Night with Venus: STIs and Their Treatment in the 1630s” from Gus Kritikos, “Industrial Alchemy: Part 3, Organic Chemistry Methods and Canonical Appearances,” from Iver P. Cooper, and “The Ox is Slow but the Earth is Patient: A very basic guide to the use of oxen” from Karen Bergstralh.

Join us. Lots to learn, lots to experience. It’s all right here, in Grantville Gazette, Volume 26.

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