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Grantville Gazette #29 Contents:

“Speaking of Uncle Abner” by Virginia DeMarce

“The Red Menace Latency” by Gus Kritikos and Kerryn Offord

“NCIS: No Greater Love” by Jose J Clavell

“Yes, Dear” by Terry Howard and James Copley

“Northwest Passage, Part Four” by Herbert and William Sakalaucks

“No Ship for Tranquebar, Part Three” by Kevin H and Karen C Evans


“Industrial Alchemy, Part 5: Polymers” by Iver P Cooper

“Common Childhood Diseases in the 1630s, Part 1: Fevers with Rashes” by Gus Kritikos

From the Editor:

The law is . . . many things to many people. Samuel Krapp thinks some of them are perverse. Ouch. Read why in Virginia DeMarce’s “Speaking of Uncle Abner.” And who would think that plain old measles is a problem? Most of Grantville is about to find out why. Read about it in “The Red Menace: Latency” by Gus Kritikos and Kerryn Offord. Plain old measles? ‘Fraid not.

Jose Clavell is back with his navy cops in “NCIS: No Greater Love.” Find out who has the greater love. Terry Howard and James Copley quote the Devil in “Yes, Dear.” Mind, it’s the Devil in Damned Yankees, so he’s an entertaining fellow.

Our serials continue with Herbert and William Sakalauck’s in “Northwest Passage, Part 4,” where the French start getting involved. Karen and Kevin Evan are headed east with “No Ship for Tranquebar, Part Three.” And we’ve got plastics galore—or information about them—in Iver P. Cooper’s “Industrial Alchemy, Part 5: Polymers.” Back to the measles in Gus Kritikos’ “Common Childhood Diseases in the 1630s, Part 1, Fevers with Rashes.”

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