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Grantville Gazette #33 Contents:

“King of the Road” by John Zeek

“Transit” by James Copley

“Black Gold” by Jeff Corwith and Kerryn Offord

“Fire and Brimstone” by Terry Howard

“Second Chance Bird, Episode Two” by Garrett W Vance

“Northwest Passage, Part Seven” by Herbert Sakalaucks

“A Visit to Wietze” by Kerryn Offord

Nonfiction and Annex:

“Renaissance Boogie Dancing in Early Modern Europe” by Iver P Cooper

“His Name in Lights” by Patty Jansen

“The Walls Are Falling Down” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

“A Martian Odd I See or A Taste of Milwaukee’s Finest” by Bud Webster

From the Editor:

We’re baaaccckkkk!

Yep. Once again, the Grantville Gazette is up and running!

John Zeek is back with “King of the Road,” but it’s nothing like the Roger Miller tune of years ago. James Copley gives us “Transit,” a love story, 1632 style.

Kerryn Offord offers “Black Gold,” and yes, it’s the black gold that runs the world, oil. Terry Howard is still having trouble with those Anabaptists . . . or are the Anabaptists having trouble with Grantville? Check out “Fire and Brimstone.”

Garrett W. Vance is back with Episode Two of “Second Chance Bird,” and the folks who are hunting those darn dodos. Herb Sakalaucks has lots of people headed to the new world in “Northwest Passage, Part Seven.”

Nonfiction this issue has Iver P. Cooper’s “Renaissance Boogie: Dancing in Early Modern Europe.” Boy, it was a lot more important than the average guy would expect. Kerryn Offord is back with “A Visit to Wietze,” which is, oddly enough, about a visit to the Wietze oil fields.

Patty Jansen is our Universe Annex author, with “His Name in Lights.” And we’ve got Bud Webster and Kristine Kathryn Rusch writing columns for us, a real treat.

Here you go. Have at it.

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