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Grantville Gazette #53 Contents:

“The Seven Dwarves and the Generals Jackson” by Bjorn Hasseler

“Oh, Such Language” by Terry Howard and Jack Carroll

“My Wife, the Axe Murderer” by Kerryn Offord

“Ein feste Burg, Episode 14” by Rainer Prem

“The Undergraduate, Episode Five” by Jack Carroll and Edith Wild

“An Uneasy Kind of Peace, Episode Two” by Virginia DeMarce

Nonfiction and Annex:

“Clash of Cultures—School Systems at (the) Stake” by Rainer Prem and Edith Wild

“Notes from The Buffer Zone: History And Its Alternates” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

“Writing for the Grantville Gazette: Who, What and When” by Bjorn Hasseler

“Minicon 2014—Amended with Marcon Schedule” by Walt Boyes

“God Eye” by Pat R. Steiner

Assiti Shards:

“The Mysterious Mesa, Part Three: Jacob’s Ladder” by Garrett W. Vance (Time Spike)

From the Editor:

And we’re back again, just like clockwork. Grantville Gazette Volume 53, ready for you.

Bjorn Hasseler has two articles this issue, the story “The Seven Dwarves and the Generals Jackson,” which is hilarious, and “Writing for the Grantville Gazette: Who, What and When,” which has suggestions we hope folks take to heart. The Gazette is always looking for more writers. Terry Howard got busy with Jack Carroll and they’ve produced “Oh, Such Language!” a tale of heartbreak and revenge, with a bit of a twist. Kerryn Offord’s offering this issue is “My Wife, the Axe Murderer,” and I’m just not going to tell you how it ends. You’ll enjoy the read.

In our serials, Rainer Prem continues his “Ein feste Burg” with Episode 14, which has a twist of its own. Jack Carroll and Edith Wild are on Episode Five of their serial “The Undergraduate,” a truly interesting tale. And Virginia DeMarce is back with “An Uneasy Kind of Peace, Episode Two,” a complex tale of plague, war, and politics.

Nonfiction this issue is from Rainer Prem and Edith Wild, who brought us “A Clash of Cultures—School Systems at (the) Stake, Part 1.” It’s a study of the differences in school systems in the United States and Germany. Very informative.

Garrett W. Vance is still writing about the Time Spike universe, with “The Mysterious Mesa, Part Three: Jacob’s Ladder.” Good stuff! And our Universe Annex author is new to the Gazette, Pat R. Steiner, who brings us “God Eye,” a spooky tale that will give you the shivers.

The 1632 Minicon is being held at Marcon in Columbus, Ohio on May 9 – 11. We hope to see you there and have included our panel schedule in “Minicon 2014—Amended with Marcon Schedule.” Last but never least, Kristine Kathryn Rusch is here with “Notes From The Buffer Zone: History and Its Alternates.”

Enjoy, enjoy!

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