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Grantville Gazette #58 Contents:

“Buy the Grammar” by Terry Howard

“Mission in the Baltic” by John F. Harvell

“No, John, No!” by Jack Carroll and Terry Howard

“The Red Lion Regiment, Episode One” by Bjorn Hasseler

“Ein Feste Burg, Episode 19” by Rainer Prem

Nonfiction and Annex:

“Clash of Cultures— School Systems at (the) Stake, Part 3” by Rainer Prem and Edith Wild

“Generations: Notes From The Buffer Zone” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Assiti Shards:

“The Mysterious Mesa, Part Six: A Serpent in the Garden” by Garrett W. Vance (Time Spike)

From the Editor:

March is, of course, coming in like a lion, and we figure it’s time for something to while away the cold and windy hours. So, how about another Grantville Gazette?

Terry Howard offers “Buy the Grammar,” which is only partly about buying, and John F. Harvell has a “Mission in the Baltic,” an interesting mission at that. Jack Carroll and Terry Howard have combined their talents in “No, John, No!” which has people questioning taboos. As well they should.

Bjorn Hasseler writes “The Red Lion Regiment, Episode One.” It tells us about how the Seven Dwarves in some of his earlier stories got their rep. And Rainer Prem has the longest running serial in Gazette history, with Episode 19 of “Ein Feste Burg.” Longest running because it’s been intriguing all along and continues to be.

Nonfiction “Clash of Cultures—School Systems at (the) Stake” is up to Part 3, and tremendously informative. Kristine Kathryn Rusch sent us “Generations,” which has to do with the generations of science fiction lovers out there.

Garrett W. Vance is writing about “The Mysterious Mesa” and is up to “Part Six: A Serpent in the Garden.” Not something I want to meet in my garden, lemme promise you.

It’s up and ready. Grantville Gazette, Issue 58.

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