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Grantville Gazette #61 Contents:

“The Taxman Cometh” by David Carrico

“Letters of Thanks” by Bret Hooper

“Three Stooges” by Brad Banner

“The Monster Society” by Eric S. Brown

“Pen Pals” by Margo Ryor

“Engines of Change: The Three Erics” by Kevin H. Evans and Karen C. Evans

“The Slasher” by Bjorn Hasseler

“Painted Into a Corner, Episode Two” by Robert Waters and Meriah Crawford

“Ein Feste Burg, Episode 21” by Rainer Prem

Nonfiction and Annex:

“Airship Failures, Mishaps, Accidents, and Disasters: Part 2, Fiery Deaths and Hydrogen Embrittlement” by Iver Cooper

From the Editor:

The Grantville Gazette has a new Editor-in-Chief, Walt Boyes, who introduces himself in an editorial. After fifty-eight issues, Paula Goodlett becomes Editor Emeritus, welcoming more time to write.

Issue 61 of The Grantville Gazette begins with an unusual story. “The Taxman Cometh” is a story in letters with contributions from ten authors, edited by David Carrico. It also inspired this issue’s cover by Garrett W. Vance. New author Bret Hooper brings us “Letters of Thanks”. In “Three Stooges”, Brad Banner reaches back to 1632 to show us what the veterinarians were doing. Eric S. Brown brings us “The Monster Society”, about a secret organization. In Margo Ryor’s “Pen Pals”, Johanna and Mikayla begin work on their book. Danish sailors attempt to build a better tugboat in Kevin and Karen Evans’ “Engines of Change: The Three Erics”. And Bjorn Hasseler explores an urban legend in “The Slasher”.

Meriah Crawford and Robert Waters bring us the next stage of the painting competition in “Painted Into a Corner, Episode Two”. Rainer Prem’s “Ein Feste Burg, Episode Twenty-One” features a police investigation in Kassel.

This issue’s non-fiction article is Iver Cooper’s “Airship Failures, Mishaps, Accidents, and Disasters: Part 2, Fiery Deaths and Hydrogen Embrittlement”.

Sadly, we say goodbye to Don Hodge.

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