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Grantville Gazette #67 Contents:

“Minicon at Fencon” by Joy Ward

“Death by Makeup” by Terry Howard

“Overflow: A Hair Club 250 Story” by Terry Howard

“It’s the Little Things” by Nick Lorance

“The Monster Society: Snowbound” by Eric S. Brown and A. G. Carpenter

“The Winter Canvas: A Daniel Block Story” by Meriah Crawford and Robert Waters

“Etude, Part 1” by David Carrico

Nonfiction and Annex:

“About the Faces on the Cutting Room Floor, Number Five: The Word According to Whom?” by Charles E. Gannon

“Hungary and Transylvania, Part 1” by Gábor Szántai

“Life at Sea in the Old and New Timelines, Part 3: Shipboard Lighting and Fire Prevention” by Iver Cooper

“Notes from The Buffer Zone: Women of Futures Past” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

From the Editor:

The Grantville Gazette brings you a varied slice of lives this month. In “Death by Makeup,” Terry Howard and Martin Katchen show how even understanding the dangers of using lead-based makeup can change lives—while making the Hair Club 250 some serious money. And in “Overflow,” Terry shows another side of Club 250 as the Thuringian Gardens hires the Club for an overflow event.

In “It’s the Little Things,” Nick Lorance gives us the love affair between Sergeant Hartmann and Marta Karcher.

In Eric S. Brown and Anna Carpenter.s story, the Monster Society runs up against something big and white and living in a cave.

In “The Winter Canvas,” Meriah Crawford and Robert Waters give us the further tribulations of Daniel Block. Will the artist’s stubborn temper get the better of him again?

In our serials, we bring you “Etude, Part One” by David Carrico and in our nonfiction section, we have another look behind the curtain at Chuck Gannon’s novel writing for Papal Stakes, and our column by Kristine Katherine Rusch. We also bring you part three of “Life at Sea” by Iver Cooper.

Last, but certainly not least, we bring you “Hungary and Transylvania, Part One” by Szántai Gábor. Gábor (his first name) is a new author in the 1632 Universe and is from Hungary. He thought we should know about Eastern Europe in the time of the Ring of Fire, so he gave us a great nonfiction article.

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