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Grantville Gazette #70 Contents:

“The Marshal Comes To Suhl” by Mike Watson

“Even Monsters Die” by Eric S. Brown and A.G. Carpenter

“A Little Help From His Friends” by Nick Lorance

“The Monster Under the Bed” by Tim Roesch

“NESS: Krystalnacht on the Schwarza Express” by Bjorn Hasseler

“Letters From Gronow, Episode 1” by David Carrico

Nonfiction and Annex:

“About the Faces on the Cutting Room Floor Number Eight: Authenticity, Site Surveys, and Blind Serendipity” by Charles E. Gannon

“Hungary and Transylvania, Part 4: High Politics of Hungary at the Ring of Fire” by Gábor Szántai

“Notes From the Buffer Zone: Escapist Fiction” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

From the Editor:

Our story continues in Volume 70 of the Grantville Gazette.

As war-torn Germany sometimes resembles the Wild West, Mike Watson gives us “The Marshal Comes to Suhl” based on what was remembered of the U.S. Marshals Service. Eric S. Brown and Anna G. Carpenter give us another chapter of the Monster Society, “Even Monsters Die,” which brings the LARPers down to earth and back to reality. In “A Little Help from His Friends,” Nick Lorance provides another look at Sergeant Richard Hartmann—Sergeant Whatsisname. Tim Roesch gives us an only partly hysterical look at schizophrenia in “The Monster Under the Bed.”

In continuing serials, Bjorn Hasseler graces with another NESS (Neustatter’s European Security Service) called “Kristallnacht on the Schwarza Express.” David Carrico gives us the beginning of a new serial, “Letters from Gronow, Episode 1,” while Gábor Szántai finishes his series on Hungary and Transylvania with a look at key players in those areas, and Chuck Gannon concludes his outtakes from “Papal Stakes: Faces from the Cutting Room Floor.” Kristine Katherine Rusch talks about “Escapist Fiction” in her Notes from the Buffer Zone column.

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