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Grantville Gazette #71 Contents:

“Minicon 2017” by Walt Boyes

“An Iconic Mystery” by Caroline Palmer

“The Monster Society: From the Ashes” by Eric S. Brown and A.G. Carpenter

“Small is Good” by Thomas K. Scot

“Barbie and the Musicians of Bremen” by Joy Ward

“Letters From Gronow, Episode 2” by David Carrico

“SMC, Part 1” by Mike Watson

Nonfiction and Annex:

“Life at Sea in the Old and New Time Lines, Part 4: Lights Across the Waters” by Iver Cooper

“Notes from The Buffer Zone: The Analog Couch” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

“The Company Man” by Edward L. Lerner

“Time’s Angel, Part 1” by Domenic diCiacca

Assiti Shards:

“The First Cavalry of the Cretaceous, Part Four: War Drums at Dawn” by Garrett W. Vance (Time Spike)

From the Editor:

Mystery stories have been spreading across Europe, and in “An Iconic Mystery” by Caroline Palmer, some French schoolboys have found a case.

In “From the Ashes” by Eric S. Brown and Anna G. Carpenter, the members of the Monster Society try to come to terms with the death of one of the LARPers.

New author Thomas K. Scot gives us “Small is Good.” A master gunsmith needs to adapt.

Joy Ward continues the story arc from “The Night Soil King” with “Barbie and the Musicians of Bremen.” Down-time teenagers discover rock ‘n roll, and one of them has to deal with a controlling father.

In “Letters From Gronow, Part 2” by David Carrico, Philip continues trying to get his story published.

Mike Watson shows us what the Suhl gunsmiths are up to in “SMC, Part 1.”

Iver Cooper concludes his non-fiction “Life at Sea” with P”art 4: Lights Across the Waters”

Kristine Kathryn Rusch shares a perspective “From the Analog Couch.”

Garrett Vance continues “The First Cavalry of the Cretaceous” with “Part 4: War Drums at Dawn.”

For the first time we have two Universe Annex stories: Edward M. Lerner’s “The Company Man” and the first installment of Domenic diCiacca’s “Time’s Angel.”

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