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Grantville Gazette #74 Contents:

“WWJD Is The Wrong Question” by Sarah Hays

“Quelles Misérables” by David Carrico

“Air France” by Thomas Hare and Terry Howard

“Letters From Gronow, Episode Five” by David Carrico

Nonfiction and Annex:

“Fair or Foul, Part 3: Meteorological Observation Networks” by Iver Cooper

“Notes from The Buffer Zone: The Jetsons And The Alternate Future” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

“The Touch of Iron” by Steve Quinn

Assiti Shards:

“Old Habits” by David Dove (Time Spike)

From the Editor:

Grantville Gazette 74 begins with Sarah Hays’ story “WWJD is the Wrong Question,” in which horse trainer Alyse Glazer asks a different question.

Next is David Carrico’s “Quelles Misérables.” Cardinal Richelieu is apprised of the danger of Victor Hugo’s works.

Elsewhere in France, an effort to build an air force is underway. In “Air France,” Thomas Hare and Terry Howard show us le Laboratoire.

David Carrico continues his serial “Letters From Gronow” with episode five. Phillip Fröhlich encounters new complications in his quest to be published.

Iver P. Cooper continues his non-fiction series on weather forecasting with “Fair or Foul, Part 3: Meteorological Observation Networks.”

In “Notes from The Buffer Zone,” Kristine Kathryn Rusch wonders about “The Jetsons and the Alternate Future.”

In “Old Habits” by David Dove, a car thief encounters a fast car in the Time Spike universe.

And in the Universe Annex, Steve Quinn brings us “The Touch of Iron.”

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