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Grantville Gazette #88 Contents:

“King Christian’s Zipper” by Karen C. Evans

“A Most Compelling Proposal” by Jack Carroll

“Revealed By Fire” by A. P. Davidson

“A Puritan Voice, Part 3” by Michael Lockwood

“Birthing Pains, Part 1” by Anne Keener

Nonfiction and Annex:

“Hunting for Helium in the 1632 Universe” by Iver P. Cooper

“Notes from The Buffer Zone: Mike” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

“The Final Problem” by Edward M. Lerner

“Easy as Pie, Part 2” by Shoshana Edwards

From the Editor:

Welcome to Grantville Gazette 88! This issue is all about the flow of people, information, and technology to and from Grantville. Karen Evans starts us out with a piece of technology from Grantville in “King Christian’s Zipper.” Next, Cosimo (who appeared in our previous issues) finds himself summoned to a very high-level meeting in Jack Carroll’s “A Long-Awaited Proposal.” A. P. Davidson tells the story young managers on a Swedish canal project facing an emergency in “Revealed By Fire.”

In Michael Lockwood’s “A Puritan Voice, Part 3,” Nicholas continues his journey toward Grantville, but he is still being tracked. Anne Keener begins a new serial with “Birthing Pains, Part 1,” in which an up-time/down-time couple have very different expectations.

With all those airships, where is the helium? Iver Cooper explains in “Hunting for Helium in the 1632 Universe.”

In Notes from the Buffer Zone, Kristine Kathryn Rusch remembers Mike Resnick.Hot Off Ring of Fire Press brings you the latest titles. You have an opportunity to vote for the Grantville Gazette’s Best of 2019.

We have two Universe stories this issue. “The Final Problem” by Edward M. Lerner is a new case for our favorite qmind. In Shoshana Edwards’ “Easy as Pie, Part 2,” Harper’s Landing really wants a pushy developer to go away.

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