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Grantville Gazette #90 Contents:

“First Kiss” by Tim Roesch

“Insomnia, or Dream and Reality” by Thomas K. Scot

“A Puritan Voice, Part 5” by Michael Lockwood

“The Aethers of Magdeburg, Part 1” by David Carrico and Mark Huston

Nonfiction and Annex:

“The Counties of the State of Thuringia-Franconia “by Bjorn Hasseler

“Notes from The Buffer Zone: Uncertainty” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

“Lord Dampnut Loses His Hair” by Shoshana Edwards

“Blowin’ in the (Solar) Wind” by Nathan Dodge

From the Editor:

Welcome to another issue of the Grantville Gazette, in which your humble editor and his able henchman, Bjorn, try to keep our masks on without touching our faces, and still manage to get the magazine out on time.

We offer for your delectation, if not titillation, “First Kiss” by Tim Roesch. Does Logan Sebastian finally get her man? Read it and see. On a personal note, Tim is going through some health challenges, and we want to wish him well. If you pray, please do.

Thomas Scot offers “Insomnia” about the Keplers and the joys and trials and tragedies of early modern science. Ludwig Kepler tries his best to preserve his father’s legacy.

Michael Lockwood continues “A Puritan Voice” and David Carrico and Mark Huston join forces to produce “Aethers of Magdeburg.” Love, hate, cheating, and broadcasting in Magdeburg and Grantville. Two inexperienced young men have a great idea and fall afoul of one of Magdeburg’s biggest baddies.

In Non-Fiction, Bjorn Hasseler comes up with “Counties of the SoTF,” so that we can tell where we are in a world without GPS.

In “Notes from the Buffer Zone,” Kris Rusch talks about Uncertainty, the Pandemic, and Protests over bad policing.

In the Annex, Shoshana Edwards offers “Lord Dampnut Loses His Hair” and Nathan Dodge gives us “Blowin’ in the (Solar) Wind.” Both are excellent stories and I recommend that you read them.

So there it is, another issue of the Grantville Gazette. Have at it, and have fun! This is one thing you don’t have to stay six feet away from.

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