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Grantville Gazette #94 Contents:

“Faith with Heretics” by Virginia DeMarce

“The First Step” by Sean Little

“Lady Wroth and the Revolution” by Sarah Iovan

“The Kreutzer” by George Grant

“A Puritan Voice, Part 9” by Michael Lockwood

Nonfiction and Annex:

“Propane, Butane, and Natural Gas in the 1632 Universe” by Iver P. Cooper

“Notes from The Buffer Zone: Old SF Roadshow” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

“Shivering Cinderella” by Gustavo Bondoni

“Sock It To Me” by Edward M. Lerner

From the Editor:

Unexpected changes brought by the Ring of Fire continue to ripple around the world. Virginia DeMarce begins the issue with a story of church music education and ethics in “Faith, With Heretics.”

The invasion of the Netherlands and a new ship design come together to complicate Michiel Adreaenszoon’s first command in Sean Little’s “The First Step.”

Who is the guest that Ben Jonson has brought to Loughton Hall? Find out in Sarah Iovan’s “Lady Wroth and the Revolution.”

Sometimes the unexpected change is a literal coin. Find out its significance in George Grant’s “The Kreutzer.”

Iver Cooper explores “Propane, Butane, and Natural Gas in the 1632 Universe.”

Kristine Rusch talks about the “Old SF Roadshow” in Notes from The Buffer Zone. Check out New Releases and Upcoming Books from Ring of Fire Press.

In the Universe Annex, Gustavo Bondoni brings us “Shivering Cinderella,” and Edward Lerner has a very different story, “Sock It To Me.”

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