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Grantville Gazette #95 Contents:

“One to a Customer” by Virginia DeMarce

“Letting Grace” by Natalie Silk

“The Heights of Beverwijk: The Miller’s Daughter” by Kerryn Offord

“Mrs. Flannery’s Flowers, Part 1: Acceptance” by Bethanne Kim

Nonfiction and Annex:

“Tethered Balloons and Kites in the 1632 Universe, Part 1” by Iver P. Cooper

“Notes from The Buffer Zone: Science Will Save Us” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

“The Reformation of Castle Deltle” by Zachary Robbins

“Ill-Met in Space-Time, Part 1” by Edward M. Lerner

From the Editor:

In Fiction, this issue, we start with Virginia DeMarce’s “One to a Customer.” The play’s the thing, especially if it skewers the pretensions and predilections of religion.

Then we have “Letting Grace” by Natalie Silk. Dora’s daughter Deborah has an invisible friend. She says it is her Abuelita, her Little Grandmother. But Abuelita is far away. Or is she?

Kerryn Offord gives us “The Heights of Beverwijk” about the collision between up-timer planning and down-timer goals. And who gets the girl.

In the start of a new serial, Bethanne Kim gives us “Mrs. Flannery’s Flowers, Part 1: Acceptance.” Mrs. Flannery was a mean old lady. But not really.

In Non-Fiction, Iver Cooper gives us the first part of “Tethered Balloons,” Grantville style.

In her column this issue, Kristine Katherine Rusch avers, “Science Will Save Us.”

In the Annex this issue, we are pleased to present the first published story by Eric Flint’s grandson, Zachary Robbins. It is a delightfully off-kilter fantasy that reminds us a lot of his Grandpop’s “Forward the Mage.”

We also bring you the next part of Edward M. Lerner’s “Ill-Met in Space-Time” about some totally innocent aliens who by misadventure fall into human hands.

So, as always, keep your arms and legs inside the car, and hang on. This rollercoaster is leaving!

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