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Grantville Gazette #101 Contents:

“Hidden People” by Jan Kotouč and Lucie Lukačovičová

“A Sodden Mess” by Bethanne Kim

“Boats of Stone” by Herb Sakalaucks

“Finding Her Way” by Mark Roth-Whitworth

“Cassini Slides to Second” by Robert E. Waters

“Never Have I Ever” by Virginia DeMarce

“Time May Change Me, Part 3” by Charles E. Gannon, Ph.D. & David Carrico

Nonfiction and Annex:

“Luck” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

“Pride and Peppers” by J. Kenton Pierce

“Danger” by Michael Tinker Pearce

From the Editor:

Welcome to the first of our second hundred issues. For your reading pleasure, we present in this issue a collection of terrific stories, some non-fiction, and a couple of stories in the Universe Annex we are especially proud of.

First, we have a story from famed Czech science fiction writers Jan Kotouč & Lucie Lukačovičová called “Hidden People,” about the people of Iceland who were stolen into slavery by the Barbary pirates. This is their first contribution to the Ring of Fire Universe.

Then, Bethanne Kim gives us “A Sodden Mess” about a woman with too much milk who learns about being a wet-nurse.

In “Boats of Stone” Herb Sakalaucks tells the story of a bunch of Italian stonecutters who are recruited by the Danes to build defense works and other structures in the New World. In “Finding Her Way” Mark Roth-Whitworth produces a sequel to “Marianne.” The young woman grows, both in capability as a lacemaker, and in fervor as a revolutionary in Paris.

Robert Waters slides in with another episode in the life of young Giovanni Cassini. The young man who may or may not grow up to be one of the most famous astronomers of all time is in Grantville and is baseball-crazy. The story is “Cassini Slides To Second.”

Best-selling author Virginia DeMarce enters the fray with the further adventures of Suzanna Allegretti and her beau, Marc Cavriani, in “Never Have I Ever.”

Chuck Gannon and David Carrico continue their non-fiction series in “Time May Change Me, Part 3.” Kristine Katherine Rusch’s column this month is about Jack Williamson and the limits of science, and how Jack’s generation managed to keep us out of World War Three In the Universe Annex this month we have two excellent stories. First up is a story by J. Kenton Pierce called “Pride and Peppers.” The second is a piece of flash fiction by Michael Tinker Pierce called “Danger,” in which some aliens discuss black-glassing the Earth.

As always, please keep your seat belts fastened, and keep your arms and legs inside the car. The Grantville Gazette is about to embark on its 101st voyage. Here we go!

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