Eric Flint's 1632 & Beyond: Alternate History Stories

Volume 3 #8: Euterpe, Episode 2

Previous / Next Euterpe, Episode 2 Enrico M. Toro To Father Thomas Fitzherbert SJ of theIllustrissimus Collegium Anglicanum in RomeFrom Maestro Giacomo Carissimi inThuringen Gardens, GrantvilleAugust 1633 Very Reverend Father, I am sorry it took so long to write you again, but a journey through Europe in these days is everything but short and comfortable. […]

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Volume 2 #9: A Quick and Dirty Treatise on Historical Fencing

Previous / Next A quick and dirty treatise on historical fencing (non-fiction) Enrico M. Toro “Et l’oggetto di questa scienza altro non è che il riparare et il ferire . . . le quali non potrà alcuno sapere se prima non havrà la cognitione dè tempi e delle misure . . .”[ . . . and the goal of this science […]

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Volume 2 #3: EUTERPE, Episode 1

Previous / Next EUTERPE, Episode 1 Enrico M. Toro Editor’s note: Giacomo Carissimi and Girolamo Zenti are historical characters. They each gave important contributions to classic music. The first is considered the most important composer of the Roman baroque movement, an innovator of the era; the second was a well-traveled harpsichord maker, renowned for the […]

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