Eric Flint's 1632 & Beyond: Alternate History Stories

Volume 94 #4: The Kreutzer

Previous / Next by George Grant Freeman Barnes finished splitting the firewood he had brought out of the woods. He switched off the log splitter, then stacked the split wood in the shelter. Freeman brushed the wood debris off his pants. He was very late finishing the coming winter’s preparations, but felt there was finally […]

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The Matthew Grant Letters

The Matthew Grant Letters by George Grant Previous / Next by George Grant Editor’s Note: Capitalization practices, a few spellings, and the signature are taken from the historical Matthew Grant’s letters. June 1635 The Christian of London arrived in Massachusetts Bay, carrying the Stiles party and other passengers, a small amount of cargo, and mail […]

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Farm Equipment That Came Through the Ring of Fire

Previous / Next by George Grant If those who came through the Ring of Fire had any higher priority than defending themselves, it can only have been providing enough food. To that end, they needed and continue to need appropriate farm equipment. This article will elucidate what equipment they likely had upon arrival, based on […]

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