Eric Flint's 1632 & Beyond: Alternate History Stories

1632 & Beyond Issue 4 #2: A Knight’s Tale – Therapies

Previous / Next Down the road from Leahy Medical Center, GrantvilleFebruary 2, 1637 Amalia had slammed the closet door down the hall. She’d searched the closet for her proper gloves, and that broke her mood. My better gloves, she realized, ARE A CRUMPLED MESS! “Arrrrghhh! These are disgusting!” She held up a glove, glared at […]

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1632 & Beyond Issue 4 #3: Another Country Heard From

Previous / Next General Electronics laboratory, GrantvilleDecember 1634 John Grover gave in to the urge to swing by the lab building for a look at the lumpy-looking prototype tube before going to his desk to start the day’s work. Much to his relief, it looked good, and it was still perking along after three weeks […]

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