Eric Flint's 1632 & Beyond: Alternate History Stories

1632 & Beyond Issue 5 #7: Buzz! Beekeeping in the 1632 Universe

Previous Buzz! Beekeeping in the 1632 Universe, Part I Iver P. Cooper Honey is the oldest sweetener; there is an eight thousand-year-old rock painting in Spain that shows someone climbing a tree to gather honey from a bee hive. By ancient Egyptian times, humans had learned to manage honey bee hives to ensure a reliable […]

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1632 & Beyond 5 #5: Among the Faithful

Previous / Next Among the FaithfulBob Finegold “What have I done unto thee?” – Numbers 22:28 Worms, Rheinpfalz (Rhineland Palatinate) June 1635 “Grandfather! A Korrespondenzausschüsse column occupies Mainz!” Christian burst into his grandfather’s study, the horrible news of protestors being shot and summary hangings trembling on his lips. At the sight of the dour-faced men […]

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1632 & Beyond Issue 5 #1: A Rose By Any Other Song

Previous / Next A Rose By Any Other SongVirginia DeMarce Grantville, SoTFSeptember 1635 “And now, we bring you News from the Netherlands.” The general manager of the Voice of America pondered as he listened. “It’s a good skit.” The VOA disk jockey grinned. “Tom and Dick Quiney are, if nothing else, reliably irreverent,” John Grover […]

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