Eric Flint's 1632 & Beyond: Alternate History Stories

Grantville Gazette 5 #6: Of Masters and Men

Previous / Next Of Masters And Men Karen Bergstralh November, 1631   Master Carpenter Herman Glauber walked from the open door to the forge in the blacksmith shop Martin Schmidt ran for him. Putting down his bulging briefcase he stood warming his hands above the coals. Glauber nodded pleasantly at Martin and, looking around the shop, […]

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Volume 3 #10: The Impact of Mechanization on German Farms

Previous / Next The Impact of Mechanization on German Farms Karen Bergstralh What will happen when Grantville introduces nineteenth-century farm equipment to seventeenth-century farmers? Will there be a rapid adaptation of the new machines followed by a similarly rapid increase in productivity? Will this in turn lead to an equally rapid decrease in the numbers […]

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Volume 1 #8: Horse Power

Horse Power by Karen Bergstrahl Previous The people of Grantville have been plunged into a world where horsepower literally means horse power. In the 17th century muscle, water, and air provided power. Water wheels provide power for mills but their use is limited by location. Water is also subject to seasonal variations. Air-driven power always […]

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