Eric Flint's 1632 & Beyond: Alternate History Stories

Volume 94 #5: A Puritan Voice, Part 9

Previous / Next by Michael Lockwood “Gut Tag, Herr Knapp, and Herr Culloden.” Nicholas and Baird turned from their examination of a merchant’s wares and saw an unremarkable man standing patiently behind them. He was notable for his plainness. He could have been from any part of Europe, though the shape of his face hinted […]

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Volume 93 #4: A Puritan Voice, Part 8

A Puritan Voice, Part 8 Previous / Next by Michael Lockwood Chapter 8: Grantville This entire trip had been a waste. Nicholas had come to Grantville looking for answers. Instead, he found only more questions. Instead of solidifying his faith, the sand that it was built upon was being washed away. The waves of doubt […]

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Volume 90 #3: A Puritan Voice, Part 5

Previous / Next by Michael Lockwood Chapter 5 Amiens Nicholas’ world was one of pain and disjointed flashes of recollection. Images flitted about him, reality blending with hallucination, separating and then blending again. One moment he was lying beside his campfire; the next, he was in a bed, the next back by the fire. Above […]

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