Eric Flint's 1632 & Beyond: Alternate History Stories

Volume 98 #1: One Woman’s Treasures

Previous / Next by Sarah Hays Late April, 1638 Halfway down the next-to-last porch post, Alyse Ballentine set down the draw-knife. She ran a faded blue bandanna over her face, pulled in a deep breath, and stretched her aching back. “When y’all talked me into a front porch,” she all but growled, “nobody told me […]

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Volume 91 #4: Before the Barbed Wire’s Strung

Previous / Next by Sarah Hays Grantville 1637 “Thirty days,” intoned the judge, gavel thundering onto its wooden target. “Auctioneers for the sale will be paid by the court, and all belongings not for sale—there being no joint property—removed beforehand, by order of this court.” That pronouncement put paid to her marriage, its last half […]

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