Eric Flint's 1632 & Beyond: Alternate History Stories

Volume 91 #7: Flags of the World: The USE, Part 1

Previous / Next by Mike Nagle At the end of 1636, The United States of Europe is one of the largest and most powerful nations in Europe. Spanning from its borders with Burgundy and the Netherlands in the west, to its border with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the east, the United States of Europe is […]

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Volume 91 #6: The Aethers of Magdeburg, Part 2

Previous / Next by David Carrico and Mark Huston Chapter 5 Later that evening, as they dined at the Thuringia Gardens in Grantville, Marcus watched as the girl ate with a gusto that reminded him of a horse with a feed bag. It was focused, contained, and nothing was wasted. Marcus found himself staring, not […]

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