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This page is a gathering spot for all the online volumes of the Grantville Gazette available to our subscribers. The editors and owners are readers and fans as well as editors and owners. Based on our own experience as readers, we think that in addition to full volumes available for reading online, our readers will enjoy having story threads compiled here so you can click through and read the entirety of a serialized story easily.

There are, of course, a few qualifiers. First, if it’s in a Baen-published anthology, we don’t have the rights to post it here. We will note when that happens. It isn’t often. Second, we will only have compiled stories available if at least one part is included in the current free issues. As I’m writing this, we have volumes 90-102 live (or soon will) in addition to issues of the new magazine. Robert Waters’ stories focused around Giovanni Cassini and his love of baseball are included in volumes 93, 96, and 101 of the Grantville Gazette, and issue 3 of 1632 & Beyond. As a result, the compilation of all the parts of this story will remain available fairly indefinitely. Other stories will be added as time permits, starting with Garrett W. Vance’s “Time Spike: The First Cavalry of the Cretaceous.”

Cassini Plays Ball

Online Issues

This area has twelve back volumes of the Grantville Gazette available for our members to read and comment online. Staring February 2024, the oldest volume will be taken down every month and a new (previously published, but not previously or recently available as part of the subscription) volume will be put up in it’s place so there is always something fresh to read and comment on! When volume 90 goes down, volume 1 will go up because there is no volume 103.

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Grantville Gazette called each publication a “Volume.” For Eric Flint’s 1632 & Beyond, we are calling each one an “Issue.” That way, Volume 1 will always be GG, Issue 1 will always be 1632, etc.

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