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Please note that the Annex stories originally included in Grantville Gazette Volume 102 in 2022 have been removed for reasons related to Eric’s death. No other issues or stories were impacted beyond the Volume 102 Annex stories.

Grantville Gazette #102 Contents:

“Clotheslined” by Bethanne Kim

“A Cloud of Beauty” by Iver P. Cooper

“Schrödinger’s Spouse” by Marc Tyrrell

“Too Many Cooks” by Virginia DeMarce

“A Proposal to a Fisherman” by Terry Howard


“Time May Change Me, Part 4” by Charles E. Gannon and David Carrico

“Notes from The Buffer Zone: Peering At the Future” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

“Best of the Grantville Gazette 2021″ by Bjorn Hasseler

From the Editor:

Our first story is “Clotheslined” by Bethanne Kim. What happens when you don’t have washers and dryers anymore? Why, you get clotheslines and clothespins. Unfortunately, those don’t exist yet, and somebody’s got to make them. Another adjustment that must be made.

In Iver P. Cooper’s “A Cloud of Beauty,” the nose knows. That is, if it could still smell. A master perfumier comes to Grantville with a huge problem—his nose doesn’t work anymore. What can the researchers at the Grantville Public Library suggest? Magic? More adjustment.

In “Schrödinger’s Spouse” Marc Tyrell asks the question, “Where is my spouse, if they are nowhere at all?” What is the legal, moral, ethical, and religious status of married people whose spouse stayed up-time?

Virginia DeMarce’s “Too Many Cooks” shows more adjustments that have to be made. The up-timers treat their servants as people first, servants after. And all the cooks in Grantville are learning to make pizza.

In another story about Cosimo, Terry Howard asks why girls can’t be apprentices–after all, they can in Grantville, why not Venice? Another major adjustment in “A Proposal to a Fisherman.”

In Part Four of their serial, “Time May Change Me,” Chuck Gannon and David Carrico talk about the adjustments that down-timers have to make to up-timer rifles. How does this affect tactics and logistics? Read on and see.

In her column, “Notes from the Buffer Zone: Peering at the Future,” Kris Rusch describes the adjustments all science fiction and fantasy authors have to make to accommodate the new, up-and-coming writers.

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