Eric Flint's 1632 & Beyond: Alternate History Stories

Volume 91 #6: The Aethers of Magdeburg, Part 2

Previous / Next by David Carrico and Mark Huston Chapter 5 Later that evening, as they dined at the Thuringia Gardens in Grantville, Marcus watched as the girl ate with a gusto that reminded him of a horse with a feed bag. It was focused, contained, and nothing was wasted. Marcus found himself staring, not […]

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Volume 90 #4: The Aethers of Magdeburg, Part 1

Previous / Next by Mark Huston and David Carrico Chapter 1 Magdeburg July, 1635 The radio hissed and crackled in the headphones. “. . . and thank you for joining us on Adventures with Great Music this Sunday evening. I’m Atwood Cochran. Good night.” Julius Fickler set aside his crystal set earphones and sighed. “What?” […]

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