Eric Flint's 1632 & Beyond: Alternate History Stories

Volume #99 #1: On the Walls of Wismar

Previous / Next by Tim Sayeau First Sergeant Robert John Matowski, United States of Europe Air Force, base chief and temporary commander of Wismar Air Force base, mad-stalked into his office, threatening harm to all. On his head, a Fairmont State University baseball cap with its ‘Fierce Falcon’ logo added severity. In one hand he […]

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Volume 98 #5: The Stars Were Bright

Previous / Next by Tim Sayeau Brussels, Royal PalaceEarly Spring, 1635 Maria Anna, Queen in the Low Countries, idly skimmed the latest catalogue from Trommler Records of the United States of Europe. As usual, the offerings of the up-time group ABBA were showcased. Understandable, what with the prominence of Gustav II Adolf of Sweden and […]

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