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Grantville Gazette #13 Contents:

“The Anaconda Project, Episode Two” by Eric Flint

“Protected Species” by Garrett W. Vance

“A Tinker’s Progress” by Terry Howard

“Nothing’s Ever Simple” by Virginia DeMarce

“The Ear of the Beholder” by Terry Martin

“Out of a Job?” by Iver P. Cooper

“The Truth According to Buddha” by Terry Howard

“Sailing Upwind” by Kevin H. and Karen C. Evans

“Joseph Hanauer, Part Two: These Things Have No Fixed Measure” by Douglas W. Jones

“Butterflies in the Kremlin, Part Five, The Dog and Pony Show” by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett

“The Music of the Spheres … er, Ring” by David Carrico

Nonfiction and Annex:

“The Wooden Wonders of Grantville” by Iver P. Cooper

“Guilds 101” by Karen Bergstralh

“The Doodlebugger” by Iver P. Cooper

“Supply and Demand” by Rick Boatright

“Plugging Along” by Kerryn Offord

“The Spark of Inspiration” by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett

“Sunday Driver” by Laura Runkle

“Turn, Turn, Turn” by Virginia DeMarce

From the Editor:

Way back in Grantville Gazette Volume 8, we ran Douglas Jones’ story, “Joseph Hanauer: Into the Very Pit of Hell.” The follow-up to that story is “Joseph Hanauer: These Things Have No Fixed Measure” which appears in this volume (number 13 in the ongoing soap opera that is Eric Flint’s 1632 Universe).

But wait! There’s more!

Well, of course there is.

Grantville Gazette Volume 13 has everything. Skullduggery, spies, genealogy. Genealogy, you ask Come on in and see what we mean.

What’s going on in Russia in 1632 You’ll find the answer here. Is the 1632 universe ever going to develop internal combustion engines Read all about it. What effect does Grantville’s library have on other countries technology Find the answer for one technology right here in Grantville Gazette, Volume 13.

Jump on in and read all about it.

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