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Grantville Gazette #21 Contents:

“The Anaconda Project Episode Nine” by Eric Flint

“The Anaconda Project Episode Ten” by Eric Flint

“The Pessimist’s Daughter” by Mark H Huston

“The Pitch” by Domenic and DJ diCiacca

“Signs” by Gorg Huff

“An Irish Sitter” by Terry Howard

“Nobody Wants To Be a Pirate in the Baltic” by Anette Pedersen and Kerryn Offord

“Motifs” by David Carrico

“Turn Your Radio On: Episode Three” by Wood Hughes


“Stretching Out: Part Six, King of the Jungle” by Iver P Cooper

“Home On the Grange” by Kevin H Evans

“Hyperinflation: Who Is Going To Do It” by Gorg Huff

“The Wind is Free: Sailing Ship Design Part 1, Propulsion” by Iver P Cooper

From the Editor:

And, we’re baaaacccckkkkk!  Just like bad pennies, here’s the Grantville Gazette, turning up again!

Volume 21 has the usual mix of fiction, series and nonfiction.  Eric Flint is back with us in “The Anaconda Project, Episode Nine.”  A new writing team is making its first appearance; Anette Pedersen teams up with Kerryn Offord with a story about piracy.  Mark Huston tells us about a life-changing event in Grantville, while Domenic and D. J. diCiacca tell us about a live-changing event not in Grantville.

Back in the early days of the NUS, what exactly did happen with the money   Gorg Huff provides an answer.  We have more from Franz and Marla thanks to David Carrico, as well as more about Fischer from Wood Hughes.  And the new Swedish colony is developing well, as told by Iver P. Cooper.

Homes on the grange, hyperinflation and propulsion for sailing ships!  It’s all here in Grantville Gazette, Volume 21.

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