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Grantville Gazette #37 Contents:

“Blood in Erfurt” by Bjorn Hasseler

“Dr. Phil for President” by Kerryn Offord

“Dreams Can Come True” by Terry Howard

“Buddy” by David W. Dove

“The Society of Saint Phillip of the Screwdriver” by Rick Boatright

“Equal Rights, Part Two” by Jack Carroll and Edith Wild

“Second Chance Bird, Episode Six” by Garrett W. Vance

Nonfiction and Annex:

“Playing Nice in Someone Else’s Sandbox: An Examination of the 1632 Universe and the Grantville Gazette” by JD McCartney

From the Editor:

Oh, my! Blood in the streets of Erfurt! Whatever could have happened? It’s easy to find out. Just read Bjorn Hasseler’s “Blood in Erfurt.” Go ahead. We’ll wait.

The Amazing Dr. Gribbleflotz is back in Grantville Gazette, Volume 37. Running for President? You must be wondering: President of What? Check out Kerryn Offord’s “Dr. Phil for President.” Terry Howard’s “Dreams Can Come True . . .” shows that sometimes things go wrong to turn out right and David W. Dove’s “Buddy” will bring tears to your eyes.

Keeping Murphy in front of you is important in life. It helps stop accidents. Read how in Rick Boatright’s “The Society of Saint Philip of the Screwdriver.” That’s St. Philip Neri, folks. The conclusion of Jack Carroll’s and Edith Wild’s two-part story “Equal Rights” appears in this volume, and we’re sure you’ll be interested in what happened to the bad guys.

Garrett W. Vance has characters deep in the Indian Ocean, stranded on an island . . . or does he? Check out “Second Chance Bird, Episode Six.”

Nonfiction this issue is, as always, full of information. J. D. McCartney, for an assignment in college, chose “Playing Nice in Someone Else’s Sandbox: An Examination of the 1632 Universe and the Grantville Gazette.” It’s all about us! And quite a good read, too. Iver P. Cooper examines what is likely in terms of weather in the 1632 Universe in “Climate: The Little Ice Age After the Ring of Fire.” Lots of interesting information there.

Thomas Allen Mays has delivered “Strategic Deployment” for our Universe Annex department, and quite a delivery it is. Hard science fiction, a story that will set your heart to racing.

And investigate Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s “Geek Summer.” The world is changing faster than we can keep up with.

Grantville Gazette, Volume 37. Don’t miss it!

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